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3D Face Covering Colouring Kits



For the creatives in your life, Verity Blue Studio & Gallery Shop is now offering a limited number of kid friendly 3D Face Covering Colouring Kits!

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Verity Blue Studio & Gallery Shop is now offering child friendly 3D Face Covering Colouring Kits!

Kits come with one package of ten non-toxic Crayola® fabric markers, and either two or three of our 3D Cotton Face Coverings in either child size or small. Please do let us know if you are interested in larger sizes. We are always open to your suggestions.

Construction of Face Coverings

All face coverings will come standard with bungee elastic and safety release toggles. If you wish to have either the ear loops or nylon Paracord instead, please include a note with your order letting us know. Ties will be included separately  A tool is included to allow you to insert the ties after completion, as we found it is much easier to heat set your design without the ties.

Our Colouring Kit 3D Face Coverings are created with no nose wires. The nose wires we use at Verity Blue Studio are nylon wrapped, which may make them prone to melting during the heat setting process. If you wish to order yours with nose wires, please let us know. Just remember not to heat set yours in the microwave!

For more information on our 3D Cotton Face Coverings see this link. 

Colouring & Fixing

The Crayola® Fabric Markers in our kits are bright and colourful, as well as very easy to use. Simply paint your design on the white fabric, then fix the colour.

Your finished design will need to be heat set to fix the colour. This may be done in a hot dryer, a microwave or with an iron. We fixed ours with an iron. Instructions on the marker package say to iron from the back of the design, but we found it was easier to press from the front, using a cotton cloth to avoid getting any residue on your iron.

Just to give you an idea of the quantity of colour in the markers, my grand daughter has liberally coloured four face coverings with no sign of the ink drying up. Make sure you replace the caps tightly. This leaves marker left over for sneakers, backpacks, hats, or whatever else you may want to personalize.

Fabric Choices

You may order your 3D Face Covering Colouring Kit with either Menagerie on Onyx, White Tiger, or Plain White fabric. The plain white fabric we are using is Prepared For Dye (PFD) Kona® fabric*. If you are ordering the three mask kit, just add a note to your order to let us know which size face covering is which fabric.


While not organic, Robert Kaufman’s signature Kona® Cotton Solids brand is the only quilting solid with Oeko-tex certification, which ensures that no harmful chemicals were used in the fabric’s production, processing or finishing.

For help on finding your size (and more info on tie options) see this link.

For care of your 3D Cotton Face Coverings see this link.

Keep in touch for product updates and special offers!


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