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Our adult 3D Cotton Face Coverings come in small, medium, large and extra large. The child size fits most kids from ages age 3 to 10 (or so). These masks are designed to cover only where they need (not ear to ear and eyeballs to neck). Our sizing is generous, aided by the fact that the 3D fit allows the face covering to sit away from your mouth and nose. The adjustable tie options allow you even more flexibility in fit.

The most critical measurement is from the bridge of your nose (where your glasses would sit) to the crease in your chin. The mask width (top to bottom) should be slightly smaller than this measurement. As always, if you have questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them. Please understand that we are very busy in the studio, so reply times could be up to two or three days.

Finished Mask Sizes:

Child size is 19 cm long or 7 1/2″ (side to side) x 13.6 cm wide or 5 3/8″ (top to bottom)
Small size is 20 cm long (7 7/8″) x 15 cm wide (6″)
Medium size is 21cm long (8 1/4″) x 15.7 cm wide (6 1/4″)
Large size 21.5 cm long (8 1/2″) x 16.5 cm (6 1/2″)
Extra Large size is 22.5 cm long (8 3/4″) x 17.8 cm wide (7″)

A Note About Sizing

Unfortunately because of the obvious risks, we have not been able to measure our customers to see which varied dimensions work for each size. Sizing is a personal thing as well. For example, I do not like my face coverings very large. I am about 140 lbs, and wear a small. The medium is tolerable. Two of my daughters between 120 to 145 wear small. I have one daughter who is about 150 with more weight around her chin, and she wears a medium. One daughter is over 200 lbs and she wears a large. My husband has a smaller beard, and he wears a large. The X-Large is good for someone over 200 pounds or so, or persons with a full beard. Both facial structure and weight are factors in sizing, especially if you have a strong jawline or substantial chin. Those with a longer nose may also need to choose the larger size, if you find yourself between two sizes.

Please note that if you have previously ordered from us, we restructured our sizing in late September 2020. The new Medium is slightly smaller than the old one, and the new X Large is the same size as the old Large. 

Face Coverings & Eyeglasses

Generally it is best to order your face covering with a nose wire if you wear glasses. We have more information on eyeglasses and face coverings here. However, if you are ordering a face covering without nose wires and you do wear glasses, we recommend no scoops. This enables you to wear your glasses over the top of your mask to minimize fogging.

Scoops or No Scoops?

You have the option of ordering face coverings without nose wires with scoops or without scoops. ‘Scoops’ are small cut-outs at the top edge of the face covering that allow a better fit for smaller faces. They prevent your mask from bunching up under your eyes. See the images below.

Note that scoops are only available for those face coverings without a nose wire. Our recommendation would be to order your mask with scoops in children’s sizes, especially for kids with a smaller face. My own family’s general preference is no scoops for adult sizes. Really the best way to know is to try one and see. It is possible to order one (or two) 3D Face Covering Samples here. 

On Tie Options

Our tie options are personal preference as well. Many of our family members do not like the ear loops, and are thrilled to have an alternative. We do not find a huge difference in comfort between the nylon Paracord (non-stretchy) and the elastic bungee cord. Both work well for us. If you style your hair, you may prefer ear loops. If you have worn face coverings with ear loops and they work well for you, ours are soft and non-irritating. The bungee elastic is certainly easier for kids (as it has a safety release toggle closure), but some children prefer the ear loops. We do sell ties separately here, if you wish to change your ties.

One nice thing about the bungee cord or the nylon cord, is that it is easy to hang your mask around your neck if you need to slip it off while you are out.

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3 Layer Silk Face Covering3 Layer Silk Face Covering

3 Layer Silk Face Covering

A recent top seller is our 3 layer silk filter face covering. Silk has electrostatic properties, is naturally water repellent, and has antimicrobial and antiviral qualities as well.

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3D Face Covering Samples3D Face Covering Samples

3D Face Covering Samples

Order one or two Sample 3D Cotton Face Coverings. Ships no-tracking LetterMail™. Created from high quality 100% cotton in five sizes.

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