Kathryn Kaiser - Artist & Director

4x6-Mask-banner-3D cotton face mask

Putting Your Mask On

  • Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitizer) for at least 20 seconds.
  • Place the mask on your face with the exterior side facing out. Try to use the ties and avoid touching the the mask.
  • If the mask has a tie, place the head loop above your ears, and pull to tighten from below the mask.
  • Tie the lower ties behind your head with a slip knot or bow. Kids masks have a safety fastener. Adjust as needed.
  • Make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth and the bottom edge is under your chin
  • Wash your hands.

While Wearing Your Mask

  • Avoid touching your face even when the mask is in place. Adjustments should be made using the ties or cord.
  • Every time you do touch the mask for any reason, wash your hands before and after.

Removing Your Mask

  • Wash your hands before removing the mask.
  • If possible, avoid touching the mask. Assume it is contaminated.
  • Untie or remove the head or ear loops and remove the mask by the straps.
  • Place the mask in a bag or breathable container.
  • Wash your hands.

Mask Care & Cleaning

  • Place used mask in a pillowcase or laundry bag. If your mask has toggles, you can remove them to extend their life if you are machine drying (this is optional).
  • Wash silk lined masks by hand or in laundry bag in machine on gentle cycle. Air dry.
  • Machine or hand wash 100% cotton masks with warm water and dry on medium heat, or air dry for 2 days (or outdoors in sunlight 1 day). Machine dried masks may look best after a quick press. Please be careful not to overheat your nose-wires while pressing. They are nylon coated and will melt.

Note: We recommend washing your fabric mask by hand. This not only extends the life of your mask, it also ensures that a mask will always be ready to go the next day.


Demo on Changing the Ties

  • 1. Shape wire for ties
  • 2. Guide wire through casing
  • 3. Thread cord through loop end of wire
  • 4. Pull cord through
  • 5. Complete other side (leaving loop at top of mask)

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