Kathryn Kaiser - Artist & Studio Director
Life Drawing in Orillia - Abstraction-1
Life Drawing in Orillia
Life Drawing in Orillia

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Hi M.J. I am replying to your question (as well as your email) so as to inform anyone else that happens upon it here. Do call the Orillia Museum of Art and History (1 (705) 326-2159) and book your drop in through them. Thanks so much. And we are thrilled to have you in this session. 🙂

Oct 26 2023 - PM

Join Kathryn’s inspiring life drawing classes at the Orillia Museum of Art & History this fall! Two time slots available: afternoon 1pm-4pm and evening 6pm-9pm, but we need more registrations for the afternoon class. Don’t miss this artistic opportunity!

Oct 24 2023 - AM

The Life Drawing sessions in Orillia at the Orillia Museum of Art & History sound like a fantastic opportunity to explore the art of drawing the human form. Kathryn Kaiser seems like an experienced and versatile instructor, offering a wide range of techniques and mediums. It’s great to know that these classes are open to both experienced artists and beginners. The provision of basic drawing materials and easels is a nice touch. It’s a wonderful way to enhance artistic skills and creativity.

Oct 12 2023 - AM

Hi there,

I would like to join the Thursday evening life drawing class that is in session. I see that there is a “drop in” listed. Is that possible? If so where do I go?

Also I was going to register for the next session (post Oct 19th). I don’t see that registration form anywhere. Could you please tell me where that might be?

Thanks very much!

Oct 4 2023 - PM

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