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3D Cotton Face Covering Cord Locks



Cord locks are now available for those who have lost theirs, or those who wish to use them on their adult 3D Cotton Face Covering.

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Cord Lock Options

We have been asked if we could provide the option of purchasing extra cord locks, for those who may have lost or damaged theirs, or for those who may wish to use them on their adult sized 3D Cotton Face Coverings. You may choose from either the Ball Cord Lock (currently out of stock) or the Safety Release Barrel Cord Lock.

As items such as these cord locks have been difficult to re-order, we are limiting the number to eight sets only per customer, for the time being.

Please note that these cord locks will fit the Nylon Paracord (non-elastic) ties, or the Elastic Bungee Ties purchased after October 1st, 2020. Some of the bungee elastic on the adult face coverings sold prior to October were a larger diameter and will not fit these smaller cord locks. If you are not sure, send us an email with a photo of your face covering with ties and we will assist.


Cord locks will be shipped via Canada Post LetterMail™, unless they are purchased with another product which ships via Canada Post Expedited shipping. LetterMail™ does not offer tracking, but is a lower cost option for small items.

Tie Options

We have three tie options to choose from: Bungee-style Elastic (think pony tail elastic), Nylon Paracord (non-stretchy soft nylon cord like a hoodie drawstring) or soft and stretchy, 3-ply Ear Loops. We now have ties available to purchase individually here.

For a bit more on ties, see our page on finding your size.

Additional information

Weight .01 kg
Cord Locks

Ball Cord Lock, Safety Release Cord Lock


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